A person familiar with the matter, "crude oil and refined oil import and export quotas will be significant changes: import quotas shall control the total quantity, PetroChina, Sinopec unrestricted imports will be the end of time. Based on the total amount of CNPC, Sinopec, the quota will be subject sf6 gas price  to quota crowding out private."Total control is the most to get instant results means to break the oil, Sinopec, CNOOC large state-owned monopoly.Lin Boqiang told the newspaper reporter, the main import to the oil, Sinopec dominated the past, basically unlimited can get quota. Oil demand is certain, a total control, private refinery processing products, market share can be effectively guaranteed. "To say, the Ministry of Commerce in the formulation of policies, from the source to weaken the two barrels of oil's traditional market monopoly power, and for the market space for small and medium scale enterprises."But a CNPC insiders told this reporter said, if the total quota system, whether in overseas oil production of oil and gas should not be included in the total amount of quotas, should be counted as "domestic oil and gas equivalent own sf6  production, rather than imported from overseas equivalent". This part can count in overseas production, and shall not be counted as imports of crude oil, the oil shock is not large.Morgan Stanley recently issued a report that the quota control, open to imports of crude oil and refined oil, greatly improve the competitiveness of firms will refine, and then change the layout of the domestic sales market.